By Mölle - June 2, 2020

Volkskrant Magazine - March 7, 2020


Our 7th collection - our first big winter collection. We got our hands on 9 rare Afghan coats and waistcoats, which we love. Also some winter dresses, fringe jackets and garments made of soft velvet. We had the honor to shoot our winter collection in collaboration with By Mölle. We stayed in their lodge at Lemelerberg which is a true dream. It contains all the wonderful products of By Mölle: Linen sheets, handmade mugs, merino blankets. Nothing else but quietness, the warmth of the wood stove and a magnificent view. Basic and slow living (and we were so lucky 'cause a white pony came to visit us spontaneoulsy). You can take a look on their website if you would like to book some nights:

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For our next Moonshine vintage collection we decided that it was time for something different. We collected some beautiful vintage hand made sari’s, imported from a local salesman in India, in order to turn these fabrics into a popular vintage item: Kimonos.
Some of these fabrics have been passed down generations while some of them have hardly been used. 
Once arrived in The Netherlands we treated each sari with the greatest care and attention while designing and crafting it, turning it into a wearable piece. The result is a beautiful hand made kimono made of stunning silk, cotton and wool. The various textiles and fabrics make each kimono unique.

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