About Moonshine Vintage

Moonshine Vintage is a carefully curated collection of luxurious vintage clothing started by Lina Hamer. It is born from the desire to collect unique, timeless and quality garments that are made to last forever.  This label contributes a sustainable lifestyle of wearing pre-loved clothing. 

We tried to capture each piece that you'll find here on 35mm film. We did this because we love imperfect. It has, just like vintage clothing, an authenticity that no perfectly uniform, machine made thing can ever have. And that makes every garment so unique and attractive. 

All pieces are handpicked by Lina and her love Luka for their wearability, quality and collectability. You will find mid-century western shirts, bohemian dresses and seventies denim jumpsuits. We hope you'll enjoy these pieces as much as we do.

all the love, Lina